Medical Needs

The Bukomansimbi Village is home to multiple families, and some children with immediate medical needs. From malaria to leukemia, psoriasis and burns, some children in the village are in need of immediate medical attention. 

A $600.00 facial surgery changed a child's life forever. With just a few hundred dollars, we have helped several children suffering from contagious eye infections, treated multiple cases of malaria and a case of psoriasis. 

Currently we are sponsoring a boy from the village with leukemia, getting him the treatments needed to save his life. 

Our goal is to have our very own medical cabinet. We will house the normal medical needs based on our villages previous experience. For example, we know when someone has malaria, however we have to find and pay for transport to a medical facility, pay for the Dr. visit as well as the medication then transport back to the village. With our own medicine cabinet we will have this as well as many more life saving medicines on hand, we have already have a committed nurse willing to administer on our behalf. The cost of this project is just under 1,000.00 usd and will save thousands annually as well as unnecessary discomfort. We will update as less is needed however we have not raised anything for this project at this time.

The medical needs of the village are always present, along with the basic needs of survival. If you would like to donate towards medical needs, please click below.