Child & Family Sponsors

Please note that this is an ongoing sponsorship. The initial payment structure is $135.00 for the first month which allows for the provision of a bed roll, mosquito netting, clothes, often a toy or item of interest, food for the child and family, hygiene products, school uniform, tuition and books (when applicable). 
The monthly ongoing cost of sponsorship is 35.00 per month, for food, hygiene, uniforms and scholastic needs. 
Please only commit if you can help without putting yourself in financial hardship. The last thing we want is to harm your household and have a child that has to wait to be sponsored again.

Please note that $5 from each transaction goes to offset transfer, banking and website fees. 

Our brother, Steven Kasibante, our feet on the ground. Giving thanks for sponsorships and funding. 

Sponsors Needed

Name: Sharon

Age: 13

Name: Miracle Grace

Age: 2.5 

Name: Gloria & Daniel